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Creators of unique moments through a human and dining experience. Our mission, to make you happy even for a moment.

El Ambigu Bar - Nosotros


“There’s no greater gift than serving

I come from a family with history in the restaurant field, with parents and siblings who are chefs, and have been raised among hotplates. I have a bachelor degree in Fine Arts and have wide working experience in photography and cinema fields. I am passionate about the sea, the beauty and human relationships. I am a restless traveller, curious, happy and spiritual person. I am a passionate person, even in every little detail.


Put your heart, mind and soul even in the smallest acts”.

I was born in Ibiza and raised in Madrid, at 34 I have professional experience in different fields, from landscaping to web trading field. Restless and creative I decided to undertake this beautiful and live project that has no limits. I currently combine the project of The Ambigu Bar with my other passion, life coaching, and to awaken the human being’s inner power.


The Team

We are a great family of professionals with shared values such as creativity, excelency and passion even for the tiniest little things.